Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day #53 & #54: A true friend is forever

What would any of us be without our closest girlfriends? I can say for sure that my life would not feel complete. On a daily basis, I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life, and especially all of the wonderful people that I have been privileged enough to call a friend. These remarkable people have been with me through the happiest and lowest points of my life, and in many instances have carried me through when I thought I couldn't survive.

I have incredibly fond memories of silly evenings hanging out, talking about life and love and, of course, boys...struggling through school together; salsa night; shopping trips; manicures and pedicures; girls' night out to fabulous restaurants; vacations to exotic locations; running half-marathons and marathons; picking out a wedding dress or standing next to her as she took that momentous step; bridal showers and baby showers; holding a precious baby and introducing him or her to all of her little "aunties". Of course, my girlfriends have been there for me when I needed to cry my eyeballs out after yet another broken heart. When life felt as it the entire world was collapsing around me, my girlfriends were there to shelter me and keep me standing. The big girlfriend rule is, and always will be...if she needs you, you are there; even better if you bring along tissues and cookie dough ice cream.

Very few people understand me as well as my closest girlfriends. Yes, I can be moody and indifferent, quirky and dry, intense and persistent, but they love me just the same. My girlfriends are vital to my existence. Men may come and men may go, but there is never a doubt in my mind that my best girlfriends will always be there. I have vision of growing old and swapping stories of children and grandchildren, comparing gray hairs and wrinkles, and leaving our husbands/boyfriends/partners once in a while to catch up and have that much needed girls' weekend.

Plautus wrote, "Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend." How true. Each friend is a blessing, and if I had to count up all of he blessings in my life, I could easily say that I am one blessed woman. I think all women need a core group of girlfriends. In fact, I think it is essential. As you walk through life, acquaintances will come and go, men will come and go, but the indescribable bond that is formed between girlfriends will stand the test of time.

“You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your 'friends.'”

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