Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #4: A tribute to my girlfriends.

What would any of us be without our girlfriends? If there is anything a girl needs in this life is a core set of girlfriends. We all need someone to be with us through good times, through bad times, through heartache, and through some of life's most wonderful moments. Boyfriends, husbands may come and go, but I know I can always count on my girlfriends to be at my side.

I've always said that my friends are my chosen family. These are the people who have left indelible marks on my life, and for that, I am eternally grateful. When I needed a shoulder to cry on after another heartbreak, you were there for me. When I was on a horrible date, and stuck in a bathroom stall with my cellphone glued to my ear, calling "Help!!", you replied with the life saving phone call..."Ah, Michelle, you have an emergency." When I landed that great job, or bought my first place, you were there with me to celebrate. And on one of the most tragic days of my life, you were there to dry my tears and hold my hand.

So, to each and everyone of you, I say thank you, for always being there for me. My life is much richer and fuller because of your presence. I know that we will stay friends forever, swap stories of days gone by, gripe about gray hairs and wrinkles, fussy children and cantankerous husbands, all the while, knowing, that we will always have each other.

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